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Client Commitment

We believe that…

  • It is critical to understand your total financial needs in order to help you achieve your life goals.
  • Integrity and objectivity are essential to our relationship.
  • A professional relationship implies responsibilities from each our firm and you.

Our Commitment

Prudent Investment Guidance

  • You will be provided with prudent investment guidance and recommendations based on a thorough understanding of your goals, time horizon, risk tolerance and financial situation.
  • You will be informed of any significant conflict of interest.
  • You will have assistance in setting realistic expectations about the long-term performance and associated risks of various investments.
  • Your LPL Financial Advisor will present you with product and service alternatives based on your objectives and risk tolerance — and disclose the comparative risks, benefits and costs.

Quality Service

  • You will be treated in a fair, ethical and respectful manner.
  • You will receive competent, courteous and responsive service.
  • You will have convenient access to your LPL Financial Advisor and your account information.

Clear Reporting

  • You will receive clear, accurate, easy-to-understand transaction descriptions and other communications, as well as timely periodic statements of all your accounts.
  • You will be informed clearly about all advisory fees, transaction costs and recordkeeping and reporting costs.
  • Your personal information will be kept private and confidential as described in our privacy statement.

Prompt, Fair Resolution of Problems

  • You will receive a prompt response if a problem arises in your relationship with us.
  • You will have a defined process for raising and resolving a complaint and alternatives if we are unable to resolve the dispute to your satisfaction.

Your Commitment

Inform and Educate Yourself

  • Read thoroughly all product guides and literature, prospectuses, and other available offering documents before investing.
  • Consider carefully all investment risks, fees, and other factors explained in these documents and by your Financial Advisor.
  • Make certain that you understand the relationship between your investment objectives and the potential risks and returns on your investments, keeping in mind that every investment has some type and degree of risk.
  • Keep in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future results — and that the opinions and forecasts of securities analysts are subjective and should be viewed within the context of your overall investment plan and risk tolerance.
  • Consult an attorney or a tax advisor for specific tax or legal advice.

Communicate with Your LPL Financial Advisor

  • Provide complete and current information about your financial status, goals and objectives, and risk tolerance so that your LPL Financial Advisor can provide you with appropriate recommendations.
  • Proactively ask your LPL Financial Advisor any questions you have about your goals, finances, a specific transaction, risk exposures, potential conflicts of interest — and, of course, transaction costs and other fees.
  • Review all transaction confirmations and account statements or reports carefully and promptly. Report any errors or any questions you have to your Financial Advisor or his/her branch manager immediately.
  • If you have any holdings (including mutual funds) at other institutions, tell your LPL Financial Advisor, so that we can assist with appropriate diversification — and make sure you receive any applicable volume discounts.